Monday, October 22, 2007

Print Is Not Dead: Evoking Power with Printed Marketing Communications

One of the greatest print pieces I have ever come across was this simple black and white piece that was exceptionally humorous, creative and effective in getting you to not throw the piece away. The print piece was a boardroom bingo card created by Carlton Draught – an Australian beer producer – a subsidiary of Foster’s Group.

Download the Carlton Boardroom Bingo card in PDF here >>

The fantastic thing with print is that it allows you to create material that serves some utility (e.g. a calendar, reminder checklist, a helpful wallet card). Good print marketers strive to create collateral that the recipient will want to hold on to. I refer to this as the "trash factor". The question that you should be asking yourself before you print anything is:

What is the likelihood that the recipient of this piece will throw it away?

When you set out designing something - make sure that you design print material that has enough utility factor in it to justify its printing. Bang out a piece like the "Boardroom Bingo" card and you may find yourself resurrecting a so called dead medium while helping the effectiveness of your marketing dollar.

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