Monday, March 31, 2008

The Definition of Experiential Marketing Explained

Experiential marketing is a form of marketing that creates an emotional connection with a consumer. It’s the actual customer experience with the product and service that resides in the customer’s consciousness. Using one or more of the senses such as touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing – Experential Marketing seeks to establish a touch point or connection with the customer - connections in the form of experiences that are personal, memorable, interactive and emotional in scope.

The Definition of PPC

Pay-Per-Click (often referred to in its abbreviated state as PPC) is an advertising method which makes use of search engines, websites and network traffic. A user clicks on an ad which directs them to a particular site. In each instance the click is paid for by the advertiser.

The PPC model is based on a bidding process where the advertising party bids on a keyword or string of unique keywords. For example, “Scottsdale Dentist” is an example of a keyword that currently fetches a price of $3-6 per click on Google. This is a pricey keyword because it is very competitive. However you can find keywords as cheap as $0.01 per click. Google AdSense is the largest network to advertise PPC with.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Predicting the Future of the Internet

Live Interactive Events are the Future of the Internet

I know that sounds like a daring statement to make – but give it some time you will see this new technology emerge and dominate the internet just as video is right now.

Video is in the Limelight Now

Everyone is busy fixated with video. The N.Y. Times recently reported that 70% of users on the internet are viewing and downloading video content. Where do we go from here? What is the natural evolution of media on the internet? Speculate all you want – but the future is obvious to me. The future is clearly conferencing, virtual events, webinars, teleseminars – whatever you want to call it - they are interactive and interactivity has clear advantages over canned media.

Would you Rather go see a Football Game at the Stadium or Watch it on T.V.?

I personally would prefer to sit in the box seats and watch it live and cheer on my team from the actual stadium. And I know this is true for many other enthusiasts. But who says you can’t record the event and watch it later? Having the flexibility to do just that is why live interactive events is the answer for businesses and the future of the internet. Flexibility works for businesses – this I know. Businesses like to maximize flexibility for the customer. Conferencing achieves this by allowing the customer to attend the live event or download a recording of it later or both. The option rests with the customer.