Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brand Personification

A brand has to have magnitude in order to be effective.  Therefore, it is no wonder so much personification is present in many brands' imagery and media today. Whether it be the talking Gecko of Geicko or the Doughboy of Pillsbury – applying human traits to inanimate objects and animals works magically in branding practice. Branding is so centered on creating a connection through a memorable experience that marketers have to create something so extraordinary something so un-believable - that it becomes an instant memory to the audience.

Monday, April 7, 2008

How to Reset PhotoShop Back to Its Factory Default Settings

If for some reason you have tweaked a setting in Photoshop and can’t remember for the life of you how to turn the setting back to default, there’s a fix. Yes, you can reset the settings in PhotoShop to factory default. Windows Users this is how it’s done:

Hold down the Ctrl+Alt+Shift buttons all at the same time.

While keeping the above buttons held, open Photoshop.

Once PhotoShop loads, a prompt will pop up which will ask you if you would like to “delete the PhotoShop Settings” – Click Yes!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Political Marketing or Marketing Political?

Political Marketing is an area of marketing which focuses on political parties, candidates, votes and ultimately positions of power. Political Marketing draws heavily upon core areas of Marketing which include: Research, Branding, Public Relations, Advertising and Selling.

The Research arm of Political Marketing is exercised vigorously through polling, focus groups and advising which comes courtesy of interviews with experts.

Branding in Political Marketing is integral because a brand is developed and re-developed to effectively deliver the messages of the candidate which often adapts with people, time and place.

Advertising is a vehicle to which the Political Brand and message is delivered.

Political Marketing also draws upon Public Relations, which is used to positively influence the public’s perception of the party or candidate and spin negative coverage of stories that are often brought to light by the media.

Selling is a important cornerstone for Political Marketers because strategic alliances both with and across the party line is necessary to draw up support. Selling is noticeably prevalent in speeches and interviews by the candidate. One-to-one selling and direct marketing is a strategy visible in and around election time which is usually implemented by team members and volunteers.

Political Marketing represents one of the most dynamic areas of marketing because it draws upon so many marketing skills simultaneously.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Definition of Place Marketing

What is Place Marketing?

Place Marketing (aka Place Branding, Territorial Marketing) is the practice of applying marketing and branding strategies to regions, states, cities and nations. As place marketing teams (i.e. city councils, tourism departments) compete to attract residents, tourists, businesses and ultimately tax revenue – they have consulted branding tactics to turn their places into destinations.