Monday, October 6, 2008

What Makes Social Network Sites so Popular

People are often astonished as to how social network sites can be so popular with hundreds of millions of users today. Quickly here are the top features that make social network sites so popular with its users and sets them apart from other categories of sites on the net.

Ease of Use – User friendliness and speed of user implementation are absolutely central to a successful social network site. The site has to be so easy to use that any kid or adult can get his / her page up in minutes.

Search – The ability to search and filter down key components of any page are imperative to a social network sites popularity. The more flexibility and search power a social network site gives its users, the better.  Given how big some of the social networking sites have become, search is key to the first point "ease of use". 

User Profiles - The ability to personalize a page or profile through customization features is evident in the top social network sites in the world. The ability to bundle links to other profiles in the network by clicking another user’s avatar is key too. 

Security – Being able to block out uninvited visitors through a privacy feature is a must for any social network site. Equally blocking out spammers is important too. 

Support – Having 24 hour support with a real human as well as quick turnaround on support is imperative. Resources like FAQ, Instructional videos and forums are helpful too. The more support you offer the more users will be happy with choosing you for their social networking needs.

Theme – A social network site has to have a unique and relevant theme that speaks to its users in order for the site to sell its users on investing their time in using the site. A good theme starts with a purpose that is central to the characteristics of the group using the site.  Myspace uses music to attract its users while LinkedIn focuses on careers and jobs.      


Qlubb-Andy said...

IMHO, one of the keys to making a social network site popular is to not only make the property easy to build for the organizer and easy to use for the members but that it has to have the special qualities/capabilities that are relevant to the community being formed. Whether it's to congregate people to find a date, to talk about their favorite books or to talk about politics, the social network site clearly has to add value. Often the value is in the ability to make connections easily to the people you want to connect with and and to be able to share/find information that is relevant and desired when I want it and how I want it.

Levon Guiragossian said...

I agree. What you mention fits perfectly under the site having a good theme which includes high relevancy and utility. The members can then add value with their profiles.