Monday, April 20, 2009

Win With Congratulatory Phrases

Congratulatory Phrases are a great way to make friends quickly on the social network sites and blogs. Here are some boiler plate congratulatory phrases you can use to instantaneously build a network:

a job well done…accept my sincere congratulations…are proud to commend you for…could not imagine a more deserving…delighted to hear…had the pleasure of…heartiest congratulations…honored your achievements…how much I appreciated…just learned of…not surprised…this significant accomplishment…this prestigious award…very proud of …want to tell you…was happy to learn of..we are very pleased to hear…your outstanding performance…your outstanding achievement


worthy role model…desire for success…developed your talent for…earned the respect of…fortitude and perseverance…genuine caring for…has a gift for…has the determination to…inherent desire to achieve…knowledge and experience…outstanding talent…perseverance…and sheer hard work…person of unquestioned integrity…presence of mind…sensitivity to the needs of…set a fine example for…stamina and ambition…stand up for what is right and fair…the courage to keep going…will to succeed…willingness to…dedicate yourself to…willingness to help

Congratulatory sentences:

1. We wish you similar success in the future 
2. Best wishes to you. 
3. I commend you for your achievement and hope you will enjoy its rewards for years to come. 
4. We compliment you on your success and send our best wishes for the future. 
5. We appreciate your devotion to your position and wish that we had more leaders like you. 
6. Thank you for setting such a wonderful example. 
7. I admire your stamina and ambition. Good luck with your next project. 
8. Please accept our compliments and wishes for your happiness and success. 
9. I know you are the right person for the job. You have my full support. 
10. I give you my best wishes for your future endeavors. 
11. As your friend, I am perhaps your biggest fan. Good luck on your next project. 

More Phrases:

1. appreciation for 
2. are very proud of you 
3. cannot overestimate the value of 
4. commend you for 
5. congratulations to 
6. continue to excel 
7. enjoy the rewards of 
8. for all you do to 
9. for proving that 
10. good luck with 
11. have my full support 
12. in the future 
13. in your new 
14. keep up the good work 
15. our best wishes 
16. thank you for 
17. will be watching your 
18. wish you continued success 
19. wish you similar success with 
20. wish to express our 
21. years to come 
22. your happiness and success 
23. your devotion to 
24. your many contributions to 
25. your future endeavors 

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A.Rajasekar said...

Excellent blog - I have enjoyed reading your tips...

A.Rajasekar said...

Awesome and very useful techniques you shared with us,....

A.Rajasekar said...

Awesome and very useful techniques you shared with us,....

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