Thursday, November 1, 2007

Is the Opera Browser Better Than Firefox and IE?

Browsers come and go like fads. Like most I started browsing with Netscape during the early age of the internet. Soon after, at Microsoft’s discretion, Internet Explorer came pre-installed on every machine so naturally I migrated to using IE along with most of the business population.

Then came the virus wars - so I found myself using Mozilla Firefox as an almost safe haven. Briefly encountering Safari on a friend’s Mac – I found myself wanting something more unique for my OS. My search lead me to Opera. Opera is my current browser of choice. It has many widgets and operates much in the same fashion as Firefox.

I feel safer using Opera because I know most of the viruses being developed are targeting Internet Explorer and Firefox at the moment. Opera kind of escapes the detection of the radar – which puts me at ease.

Perhaps the coolest function of Opera is the “speed dial” page which is a fancy bookmark facility that operates like a speed dial on a phone hand set. Simply load your favorite 9 pages into speed dial and you will be re-directed to your clicked page at record speed.

Of course Opera offers tab browsing alongside many of the other features of Internet Explorer and Firefox so you won’t feel at a loss when switching over.

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