Friday, November 2, 2007

Writing a Winning Web 2.0 Marketing Positioning Statement or Tagline

A well-thought-out statement should capture the essence of what your company is about and differentiate your company’s unique selling proposition in the marketplace. When writing a statement think about what your position is – what makes you different and why someone should choose you over one of your competitors.

Writing a winning positioning statement in the age of web 2.0 means writing the statement as succinct and to the point as possible. This means a 6 word maximum statement. The less words contained in your statement the easier it will be for your potential customer to take to mind your company and its position in the marketplace.

For many of the taglines that I have created for my own clients I went as low as 3 words to ensure catchiness and impact. Three word taglines take a little more effort to compose, but if effectively executed is a winning solution in the era of web 2.0 marketing.

Start thinking in layman’s terms for the language and style you write your statement in. To think like a client also means expressing one’s self like a client. Make an effort to speak to the customer in the customer’s native tongue. If your customer is an educated professional – then the use of sophisticated language in your statement will be appropriate. The point is certain words are more identifiable by your audience and choosing words that speak to your customer is critical in creating a powerful positioning statement.

Think about how your positioning statement will look on marketing collateral such as PowerPoint presentations, business cards and your website. Even thinking beyond the smaller picture by imagining how the statement will look in a global advertising campaign is a good exercise for identifying the magnitude of your statement. If you can’t imagine your statement wrapped around a 747 Jumbo Jet then it might not be prolific enough for your company to bear on your business card.

Remember at the end of the day the positioning statement is created to help you market your product, service or idea more effectively.

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