Monday, September 15, 2008

How to Get Free Hosting for Your Website

I have had a secret weapon for several years now having launched numerous sites for clients and myself. And unless the client has something else in mind for their site, like their own server, I always suggest a certain provider. This web hosting provider is  
They were the first hosting service that I know of to offer the $0 Hosting Plan. The company launched this plan in the days of the Internet when most major hosting providers wanted a minimum of $19 a month to host a site.  To this day hosting providers like GoDaddy and Yahoo want a monthly hosting fee even for the tiniest of sites.  There are other providers out there that offer free hosting but at the expense of ugly banners and invasive looking ads.  Not this provider.   

Why would you pay for something that you can get elsewhere for free?

Here is the deal; you register your domain name for one of one of the lowest and most competitive prices around (something like $27 a year) with Doteasy and they automatically throw in:

• 100 MB Web Hosting Storage
• 1 GB Monthly Bandwidth
• 10 Email Accounts
• No Setup Fee, No Monthly Fee
• No Ad Banner
• Free Web Tools and Applications
• Free Phone / Email Support

Register the domain name for several years and a sliding scale will kick in.   With each year you will save additional dollars with your domain registration. The $0 hosting will always be there regardless of how many years you register your domain name.  If your site starts to do really well and you start going over your traffic quota, you can upgrade to a package that suits your new traffic needs.  Doteasy also offers industrial grade hosting that can be turned on once your site grows into it.

Here is a word to the wise with regards to registering a domain name - always register a domain name for the full 5 years. This is not a gimmick to get you to spend more money on your domain. This is a technique used in making your site look more established to the Google Spiders that be. Yes, even Google will profile your site as less legit if it is only registered for a year or two as opposed to five.

Now that you know where to get supercheap domain names with free hosting, make sure to send me a link to your site, so that I can see that you put this good advise to use.

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