Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Top Secret Phone Numbers: The Numbers Companies Don't Want You to Have

Here are the top 5 Phone Numbers that are merely impossible to locate. These companies go to great lengths to bury these numbers so you are forced to use their automated systems to resolve your issues. However, sometimes you just need to talk to a human being to resolve your issues. For your convenience I bring to you the Top 5 Numbers Companies don’t want you to have:

1. Amazon.com
- Customer Service: 866-216-1072
- Seller Support: 877-251-0696

2. Ebay.com
- Customer Service: 888-749-3229
- Customer Service 2nd line: 800-322-9266

3. Skype
- Customer Service: 866-446-0831

4. Yahoo.com
- Customer Service: 866-446-0831
- Tech Support: 866-458-8744

5. Google.com
- Switchboard: 650-253-0000

(Source: www.hardtofind800numbers.com)

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