Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Secret to Internet Start-up Company Success

Every single day thousands of companies are born and launched over the Internet. Unfortunately for many of these companies their fate is sealed prematurely with a not so successful outcome. For many start-ups the reality is failure, die off and dormancy. Think about how many applications, widgets and fledgling newbies you have seen just this past year alone. Now just imagine how many more are out there that you didn’t see that flew past the radar un-detected and went into Internet obscurity.

The Internet as a channel of delivery can be fairly cruel to companies that don’t understand one very simple and very real concept. This concept is etched into every successful Internet company’s DNA. This trait is very transparent in giants like YouTube, Google, Skype, Facebook, MySpace and Yahoo. This trait is remarkably simple and yet so many choose to ignore it. Why do so many new companies refuse to accept this very easy and simple principle that makes complete logical sense to those of us that are enlightened with this concept?

Maybe they get impatient, greedy and want to score a quick buck. Maybe they are stubborn and want to employ outdated strategies.

I am not going to be one of those Bloggers that write a big hype making you read for paragraphs to find nothing. Some in the media world would refer to this as anticlimactic.

Before I reveal the secret though, it is important to remember one thing, never ever by any means practice this advise partially because it only works if you commit fully to it. This means no trials, no limited time...I think I may have just given the secret away. Alright, here it is – the secret advise to Internet success in full:

“Offer something of incredible high value and relevancy and offer it for free to everyone”.

I think that says it all. Good luck.

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