Friday, September 12, 2008

Why You Should Put Your URL on Everything?

Promoting offline is often an overlooked practice which if done properly can fetch you some quality direct traffic to your site. Think of your website as more than just a website. Think of it as a way to attract your offline audience, a gateway for outsiders to learn about your business, a connection point with your existing customers and a way to build your business through sales funnels.

Your url should be posted on everything. Post it on your:
  • business cards,
  • letterhead,
  • outside signage,
  • company vehicles,
  • in-store signage,
  • press releases;
  • and anywhere else you promote your business.
Not only will you get quality direct traffic flowing into your site you will also cohesively build a brand, a reputation and legitimize your capabilities as a company that is capable of honing the internet as a channel of communication and ultimately commerce.

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